An ecological farm

respecting nature is the key
to sustainable living


Bio Sauvage is an ecological farm that was started in Arundel, 20 kilometres south of Mont-Tremblant, in 2017.

Our extensive permaculture garden is designed to be ecoresponsible, meaning that it is our goal to reproduce the model of natural ecology. We grow all kinds of vegetables, fruits, and mushrooms chosen for their ability to withstand Quebec’s northern climate. We use ancient genetic lines and traditional cultivation methods rarely seen in today’s industrial food marketplace. Above all, we are committed to a way of living and farming that is in harmony with nature. We want to develop self-sufficiency and pass our knowledge on to our community, in order to preserve and promote a natural heritage that is slipping away.


We also offer a range of products derived from foraging for wild vegetables, fruits, and mushrooms. Because we love nature, we seek to promote a way of harvesting that is healthy, moderate, and responsible by teaching methods that will not have a negative impact on our environment.

Guided tour

Bio Sauvage provides educational guided tours on permaculture and takes groups on foraging expeditions to harvest wild foods. We want to encourage people to make healthy and responsible food choices, and to be aware that their choices have a direct impact on health and environment. We need to educate members of the next generation to understand our northern environment so that they can develop a lifestyle that is truly sustainable for all.

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Live the experience “Farm and forest at your table” by getting your vegetables directly from the people who grow and harvest them. This is maximum traceability – you will know exactly where your food is coming from! Every Saturday throughout this summer, you will find us at Farmer’s Market.

If you are a restaurant owner, please send us an email. We will be happy to provide you with a list of the products we offer every week along with details of our delivery schedule.

*We will be passing through Montreal on a regular basis twice a week. Throughout the summer, visit our photo gallery and watch things grow and change!



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